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You CAN Be A Part Time Entrepreneur

The other day I was chatting with a woman who is definitely in need of some extra income – we’re currently looking at side-gig options for her.


Sound like you, too? Right?! How can you possible add another thing to your daily plate – between work and perhaps kids at home, the dog underfoot, laundry, errands, the weather changing (everyone will be indoors again) - it’s a LOT to handle. (p.s. it's also exhausting...)

Here’s the thing, though. While the idea of being an Entrepreneur – of owning your own business – often has the connotation of being full time, always at your desk, always working on your computer, always hustling for business, late nights and frustration ... that’s NOT how it is for MANY of us!

It’s entirely possible to bring in a nice, steady, second income without committing to another huge undertaking.

How? Let’s look at how I coach my private team.

We break down 60 minutes a day into bite-size pieces. They learn how to squeeze in 10 minutes at a time, randomly throughout their day.

~ 10 minutes while fixing breakfast.

~ 10 minutes while grabbing a quick lunch.

~ 10 minutes after logging off of a workday.

~ 10 minutes while walking the dog.

~ 10 minutes while the kids are finishing homework.

~ 10 minutes on Sunday while watching the football game.

Depending on whether they’re new to our team and their own business, or they’ve been working their business for a few months, here’s what we work on together ...

~ We’ll set up a plan for exactly WHAT to do in those 10- minute time slots

~ We train on using both of our mobile apps (they’re awesome!) to not only showcase the products and company (i.e. make money), but to also manage their entire business from their phone!

~ We’ll work on engaging social media content that they can create in 2 minutes, and upload in 30 seconds – all from their phone! (HINT: our company has gorgeous images all done and ready for IG, FB and Pinterest ... you just snag, download, and post.)

~ We’ll plug into virtual events they can invite others to – all on their phone.

Here’s the thing – Nowhere did I say, ‘You’ll need to be at your computer for hours every night.’

Here’s the other thing - Everywhere I DID say ‘In 10-minute increments ... From your phone’.

Honestly – you’re on your phone all the time anyway. Right? So how cool if you could literally click/swipe in 2 seconds, call or text, invite and follow-up - all within 10 minutes at a whack ... and still run your business in a way that generates some extra cash every month.

Here’s the last thing. Being able to put the title Entrepreneur beside your name is pretty darn cool. You’ll get a lot of high-fives, you’ll have a lot of fun, AND you can learn to run your business in 10-minute time slots. That, my friends? That feels really good, too.

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