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Once, Schedule, and DONE!

You know you should be posting on social media regularly, and yet you’re not. It’s not that you don’t have things to share, or say, or ideas to pitch ...

... it’s that your day gets in your way, and all of sudden so does your week, and now it’s Friday, and you’ve not posted anything since last Sunday.

And you (in a rhetorical sense) beat yourself up over it.

Did you know that scheduling a series of Facebook posts takes about 4 steps, is quick and easy, and allows you to not worry about posting for the next week?

I’m working with a client right now and here’s what she's learning to do:

1. On Sunday (because Sunday is the day she picked ... you can pick any day of the week) she plans out 3-5 posts. She writes them, she finds the image she wants to use with each one, and she keeps them in a folder on her computer.

2. Sometimes they're independent posts – i.e. they don’t relate to each other. Sometimes, they are a series of posts, all building on each other, and the last one has her call-to-action.

3. Once she has the words and images done, she hops onto Facebook and uses the Publishing Tools link to create and schedule her posts. Easy. Peasy.

If this sounds like a great plan for you – because – you know – life gets in the way of connecting to your social media network so you can share all the things you want to share, I can help you.

I’ve got a PDF with directions that shows you exactly how to use the Facebook post scheduling tool. Put your hand up and I’ll send it on over. It’ll walk you through the process and within in minutes you’ll have your own week’s worth of content ready to go, and you ...

... you can go back to all the other things that need your attention.

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