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Time versus Money?

I was scrolling through my social media accounts this morning and saw a post asking a simple question: Time versus Money?

I immediately thought, well, that’s easy ... TIME.

Time for all the things I want do, with the people I love most. Time to take care of all the things I’m responsible for. Time to take a deep breath when it all seems to much. Time for myself.

But that got me to thinking.

To have time, we have to have money ... To allow us the time.

And then – this: If you’ve had to leave a job, or lost a job, money has to come first, because without it, it’s darn near impossible to stay positive. The luxury of time is not your friend when you’re worrying about how the heck to pay the bills. Right?

What if, though, I could help you leverage the time you have (maybe too much of?) into money that can again give you the luxury of time?

What if you joined my Rodan+Fields team, and our world-class company with world-class skincare. What if you let us help you start a global business of your own, and you could do it ALL while you’re at home trying to keep things afloat?

And – the best part - what if you could do it ALL from your phone?!

We’ll help you find the products from our lineup that YOU love (b/c truth - you don't need every product in our lineup), we’ll teach you exactly how to share that love with others, and we’ll celebrate with you every time another paycheck lands in your wallet.

On top of that, if you're ready for more, we'll show you how you can build an even bigger business by helping others build their own Rodan+Fields businesses.

Oh, and while we’re doing all that, we’ll connect you with an AMAZING global community who will support you and cheer you on every single day. Our goal for you? Lock arms with us, build a business, have an occasional Zoom dance party, and help you turn your time into a paycheck.

If you’ve got time right now, give me a shout. I’d be happy to explain how I coach my team. With your questions answered, you can decide if we’re a good fit -a right fit -for right now. When you need more money than time.

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