Hey there - Welcome to my Hop On Over page!

I love the fact that I have two businesses!


Both make me incredibly happy because ...

... so many of my skills and expertise weave back and forth from one to the other.


While you're here at my entrepreneur coaching site, you might want to hop on over to my other business - Writeology. It's my website content, email marketing, and social media consulting company where I work with small businesses (who are also entrepreneurs ...) to leverage their online presence. 

If you do decide to work with me on your entrepreneurial venture(s), we'll also have some conversations about how you might leverage your online presence, too. 


And if you've landed here fully intending to chat with me about your website needs, you can either reach me via my Writeology page, or schedule a quick (and totally free) call so we can get to know each other and find out what you might need help with. 

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