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Have I piqued your interest? I hope so!

I’m hoping you’re intrigued by the whole idea, and I’ll bet you’re wondering

how to make it work financially, especially if you want to either cut back

on your hours, leave your job or career, or happily stay where you are and still create

a giving program that feeds your bigger dreams.


Nine years ago, I had the exact same thoughts.

And I'll bet you a double-tall latte I had the same questions you may have. 

  • Can I find something that generates funds and feeds my soul?

  • Can I find something that uses all my skills in a new way?

  • Can I find something that also feeds my desire to help and mentor other women?

  • Can I find something that doesn't interfere with the rest of my life? 

  • Is it possible to generate funds in a few hours a week? 

  • Could it replace my income if I decide to leave my job?


I asked those same questions over and over in my head. I kept my radar open though, looking for something that I knew could generate the funds I needed and wanted. I looked at all kinds of options. The KEY factor for me was that it had to allow me to generate income, without adding a ton of extra hours to my already-full plate. It had to be flexible and something that I could work on wherever I was.

Take a listen here and I’ll tell you more about it. 

It has been a Best. Decision. Ever. 

Here's the thing:

  • I'll show, teach, and mentor you on how to leverage you own business into a stable, side-gig or full-time income. If you feel the need to pivot your career, an extra income could allow you to do that.

  • I'll help and support you in building your own team(s) of women who – like me – see the HUGE possibilities(!!) to fund all sorts of things by leveraging this opportunity. Maybe for you and your team(s) it’s an organization you love that is already doing good work. Maybe you dream of creating something of your own, that becomes a legacy organization long after you’re gone.

  • As you build out your organization, JUST IMAGINE WHAT DO GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN as more and more women of every age group lock arms with you and start funding THEIR DREAMS!  



Imagine what we can do collectively, that we simply cannot do on our own!


That ripple effect I talk about?

It. Can. Change. Everything.
For you. For someone else.



My life has changed in countless ways in the past nine years. I’ve had a heck of a

lot of fun with hundreds of amazing and fabulous women I’ve met because of it.

And now I want to partner with women like you who see a bigger picture and

are dreaming bigger. That have a heart-felt yearning to give back and

pay forward in ways you’ve never thought you’d be able to.

I want to help you change your life so that you can pay it forward and change others’ lives too.

The ripple effect only starts when there’s motion and energy …
Want to explore ways YOU can CREATE YOUR OWN RIPPLE EFFECT? 

Funding Your Give Back Plan
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