Hey there!  

You're here on this page because you've had this thought in the back of your mind ...

that having a side-gig might be fun.

Or financially helpful. Or personally fulfilling

Am I right? I think I am, and here's why:

I had exactly the same thoughts. 

And I'll bet you a double-tall latte I had the same worries you may have. 

  • Can I find something where I can actually make money? 

  • Can I find something that feeds my soul?

  • Can I find something that feeds my desire to help others, too?   

  • Can I find something that doesn't interfere with the rest of my life? 

  • Is it possible to have a side-gig that I can do in a few hours a week? 

  • Could it replace my income if I lost or left my job? 

  • Will my friends and family think I'm crazy? 

  • What if I realize I made a mistake, or even worse ... fail miserably?  

I asked those same questions over and over in my head. Month after month after month.

Then one day my wonderful and very savvy friend Jeanie called me out of the blue and in her sweet, lovely, southern Arkansas accent said, "I think I've found what we've been looking for." 


Wait. What? Really. Hmmmm ...  She explained it's an anti-aging skincare company and right there I laughed out loud. My skincare was a Dove soap bar in the shower and drugstore moisturizer only when I remembered to use it. 


But, because I know Jeanie to be a very smart business woman, I listened. Then I politely said no thanks. Why? How the heck would I ever be a skincare salesperson? A. I didn't use skincare. B. If I didn't use it, how could I sell it. C. If I couldn't sell it, I couldn't make any money. D. I couldn't change the world, or even help others change their lives, with a bottle of toner and a jar of cream.  

I watched her for an entire year. I said no thanks for an entire year. 

However, I kept my radar open as other friends of mine started side-gigs of their own. Jewelry. Clothes. Diet Supplements. Cookware. It seemed like suddenly there were all kinds of options. But something kept nagging at me until one day I pinpointed what it was. If I was going to start a side-gig of my own, it had to pass the 'bullet-proof' test for me. My business and marketing brain kicked in. 


  1. It had to be a company with incredible brand recognition across the globe. 

  2. It had to have founders who were highly educated, smart, business savvy, and had a proven track record in business

  3. It had to have an executive staff that came from all across Fortune 500 businesses. I wanted the best of the best. 

  4. It had to offer a comp plan that was easy to understand, and scaleable as I had more time to grow.

  5. There had to be a company culture of giving back in BIG ways, and encouragement for me to do the same in whatever way fed my soul. I needed it to feed my deepest need for personal growth, too. More confidence. More leadership. More LIFE.  

  6. The only way I could see this working was if the company's products were consumable. As in, people were HAPPY to buy             something regularly that they used daily. 

  7. Per #6, it wasn't going to be jewelry, or clothes, or cookware, or diet supplements (because that's just not me). Even if I was going to sell products to only my friends and family, I knew they wouldn't be buying those kinds of things all that often. Or, they would, at first, to help me get started, but after a few months they'd not need any more and I'd have to continually look for all-new customers to keep my business going. NOPE. 

  8. It had to be turn-key. As in: everything I needed they gave me. I wanted no parties (yuck), no inventory to schlep around, no money I had to take care of, nor ordering, processing or shipping. They had to handle returns, too. 

  9. Oh and it had to be online so it was easy for me to run from anywhere I had Wi-Fi. From my phone? Even better. 

  10. I had to know that longevity was a key piece of the founders' mindset. That there was a goal to grow globally, and that I could be part of that growth. If I wanted, I could leverage the brand and the products into a global business of my own. 

Most Importantly: #11. Since I knew I wasn't ever going to be a super skincare salesperson, I wanted the opportunity to find my own team of super-salespeople to work with me. I wanted to stretch my leadership skills and help others grow a side-gig in the way that embraced and cultivated their skills - and met their needs and goals. Some I knew would love sales. Some I knew would love creating their own teams. Some would love both. I had a vision of what I wanted ... and I knew I could get there if I found the perfect fit

By 2013 I had watched the company grow, and Jeanie's business grow, and ... total honesty here ... as unsure as I was (let's talk about second thoughts!) ... I joined the company.

Best. Decision. Ever


My life has changed in countless ways - from being part of a company and brand that I am today ENORMOUSLY proud to represent, to the personal development I have gained, to the leadership skills I've continued to cultivate, to the amazing and countless fabulous women I've met along the way

Today, I coach women who - just like me - see the real opportunity of having a side-gig. Women who want more!  

  • They want more income.

  • They're ready for a higher level of personal development. 

  • They have a deep, heart-felt yearning to give back and pay forward in ways they NEVER thought they'd be able to.

  • They not only want to change their life, but learn how to mentor and change the lives of others as well. 

So here's the bottom line. It's important, so I want you to think about it carefully

If you're contemplating a side-gig, the questions I asked above are VERY important. The answers are VERY important. Because at the end of the day, the business you choose and the platform you choose WILL MAKE A GIANT DIFFERENCE. 

If you choose to start your own side-gig ... whatever you choose ... you should make a smart, educated business decision.

One that has a ton of fun tossed in - including fabulous new friends, lots of personal development, new confidence, new adventures, and awesome ways to give back BIG! 

I'm hoping you'll want to ask me more ... and that you'll have lots of questions for us to explore.


If you've got your initial plan in place now and are ready to dive in - HURRAH!! The next step is to use my SUCCESS SYSTEM coaching program to get you exactly where you want to be, in the timeframe that makes sense to you.