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Hi there - I'm Janet Gifford 

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So here we are – you and me.

You want to know more about me, while I want to know more about you!

I'll start us off:
At age 7, I wanted to be a nurse. At 10, it was an Olympic skier. At 20 I wanted to marry a cowboy ... or Robert Redford. When Mr. Redford didn't return my fan letters, I got my B.A in Psychology. 

At 26, and married to an Idaho farmer, I had 2 little boys, and I started my first business. It went so well that even I was shocked. I don’t come from a family of businesspeople. (Well, I didn’t think I did, but that’s a whole other story.)


By 30, I still had my small business, plus had talked my way into a job counseling people much older than me on how to find a new career during a nasty recession. (It also went well, all things considered.) That led to a gig counseling small towns on how to shore up their business community, which led to counseling small business owners on how to grow and profit.

By 40, I'd moved to Washington state, remarried, added in 3 more (step) sons, and found a new job. About then I also realized I was not only an awfully good entrepreneur, I was a darn good business coach with some kick-ass instincts on how to be successful.

And now? (Um, giving my age away as it’s now 20-something years later…)

Like all of us, I’ve had some soul-searching conversations with myself in the past two years. (A pandemic does that to a person.) I’ve had countless chats with people in my network who are rethinking what’s really important to them. What their hearts are telling them and their souls are yearning for. For many, it’s like a reawakening.  

They’re ready to spread their wings and do things that feed their heart and make a difference ... somewhere, and for someone. They want to have a lot more collaboration with other women, doing very cool things. They want to have a heck of a lot more fun doing it, too. 

Our conversations settle here: What does it look like? Is it possible? 

I get asked a LOT: 'How are you doing it?'

I LOVE what I do, and I can't imagine doing anything else, ever again. 

I help women reassess where they are in their career and life.

We figure out if that matches up with what they really want.

Then we talk about how to fund the things they want to do next.

💡 The light bulb goes on for them, and we get to work.

So there you have it. 

Your turn next. Tell me about you? 


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