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Let your WHAT IF's Make Your Heart Sing!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I’ve always been a little restless – on a small scale I’m not good at sitting for too long at my desk; and on a larger scale when I get too complacent about the comfy life around me I find myself thinking about change.

Sometimes all I really need to cure my restlessness and need for some change is a quick errand run, or a walk, or even sitting on my deck watching the boat traffic in the bay below me. I bet you can relate here – eh?

But other times? I’m awake at night thinking through new ideas of how I can be creative, or how I can continue my wish to pay it forward in a thousand ways, or what my heart is telling me I’m ready for. Maybe instead you’re awake worrying? I do that too ... and that’s okay as well.

We’ve all had a LOT of time at home in the past few months (hello COVID-19) and we’re all getting PRETTY. DARN RESTLESS. Am I right? I bet you’re nodding your head.

But what if – WHAT IF – you’re restless enough that you’re ready for some bigger changes than just getting out of the house for a couple hours? What IF your heart and your brain are starting to speak more loudly about possibilities that mean bigger – and definitely more exciting – changes?

I’m right now, right here, asking you to stand up and clear your mind of distractions, and think about the WHAT IF’s that are knocking around in your head that both excite you ... and scare the heck out of you.

Like: What if I asked to work from home from now on and they said Yes? OR What if I could become the best home-school, online education expert my kids will ever have? OR What if I could find a way to go back to school myself? OR What if I could finally take some of my long-time dreams and dive into making them happen? OR What if my idea for my own business would actually work?

Bottom line here?

CHANGE is good for us – friends. It’s healthy, it’s scary, it’s exciting, and it’s a HUGE confidence builder.

The best part? The WHAT IF’s can become the LOOK AT ME GO’s ... which add such value to our lives!

Your WHAT IF’s? They’re there – and they’re waiting – and they’re exciting – and trust me when I say they’ll make your HEART SING when you let them take root and find their voice!

Go get them, friend ... GO GET THEM.

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