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Here's the thing. 

You know how sometimes you're half asleep in the middle of the night (well okay, maybe not, but stick with me here) and you have this fleeting thought, that turns into an idea, that sort of wakes you up, and then all of a sudden you're really thinking about it? Like - oh my gosh. This is cool. I think this is really cool! 


That's what happened to me.

I've got this side-gig that I love; it brings in a nice steady extra income*. Over the years it has allowed me to not only shore up my finances, but provide extra income that allows me to give/donate/volunteer for organizations that I love and support. (*This is my individual story. For more information review our Income Disclosure Statement.)  

My BIG IDEA all started in the middle of the night, after I'd read a Forbes Inc. article. (Note to self: reading important articles while trying to fall asleep can be dangerous. Or a good thing, in this case.) 

By 3 AM I was thinking to myself 'THIS is what the last two years have been pointing me towards!' 

There are lots of reasons why I think the Universe snuck this into my head in the middle of the night. 

  • A phenomenon called The Great Resignation. Or, as some call it The Great Awakening.

    • This is a staggering statistic: 4.4 million workers voluntarily  left their jobs in September of 2021.

  • There has been a monumental pivot in the past two years. Many of us are realizing that life is short, it’s uncertain, our work isn’t fulfilling, and we’re yearning for more meaningful, more impactful work. Work that can actually Do Good things and change lives.

  • I hear from too many women that, even though the idea of a giant shift is quietly percolating, they’re financially and emotionally unprepared to take that big of a leap. What would they do? How would they remain financially secure? Would there be a community to lean into?


I wrote a blog post on this a while back and it rang true for so many in my network – I was frankly surprised at how many reached out and asked: ‘Did you read my mind?’'


Here’s the thing, friend.

You’ve got mad skills and some significant leadership chops … especially if you’re in the 3rd Quarter of your career (yes, I'm also a sports nut). You’ve got pockets full of talent that you’ve honed over the years. You have SO much to offer the world.

If your heart is saying you simply have to find more meaningful,

impactful, purpose-driven work, I want you to look at your

skills and talents in a new way.

And I want you to look at all of this with a more collective vision.


If you can identify with the 4.4 million others who put it all

on a shelf because the world changed and your whole

mindset shifted, we need to talk. Why?

Because I'm betting you've got lots of people in your network who are feeling the very same way. They're looking for answers, too, and looking for someone like you to help them sort it all out. 


But wait – you say. Sure, I can probably find a new path that fills my heart.
But I can’t just give up my income.


This is important. So listen up.

I will never advocate that you leave your job or career if you love it or you need it.

What I am saying, though, is that IF your heart needs more, I want to help you think outside the box.    


That’s where the next part comes in. There are countless ways to earn multiple income streams, without the commute, without endless meetings, and without a salary cap. And I've got a heck of a good one.


Sure, it takes focus and work. But you’ve already proven to yourself that you’ve got all the skills you need! 


I always go back to What IF because that's where the fun starts. That's where the ideas blossom; where you wake up at 2 a.m. excited about what you're doing! 


  • You were able to pull in women from your network who felt the same way?

  • You could put your heads, hearts and skills together and build something with your own vision of passion and purpose?

  • You created something truly awesome that makes a difference for someone or something?









Imagine the ripple effect you could grow with a source for funding, a kick-ass plan, and your own like-minded, smart, fun group of go-getters?


Bottom line for me:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single first step.

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