Remember when you were a kid and you'd say:

"When I grow up I will ..." 

The funny thing is, we honestly believed it was entirely possible. It didn't really matter

how we'd do it, we just - well - we just would. And why not? Totally achieveable. 


But here's what happens WHEN we grow up. We forget how we thought as a kid.  


It's no longer an I WILL statement. It morphs into an I WISH statement. 

It's a SOMEDAY statement (and it always has a wistful ring to it). 

  • I wish I could to back to school and become a counselor. 

  • I wish I could have a cabin in the mountains where my family could build memories. 

  • I wish I could start a foundation in honor of my sister.    

  • I wish I could spend a summer in Italy.   

The point here is this: 

Somewhere along the way I'll bet you've stopped dreaming of concrete things - the When I Grow Up things. They've become Someday Dreams that you keep safely stuck on a shelf. Why? Because you're afraid of speaking them out loud, of telling your family, or your friends, or the entire universe that THIS is something you not only WANT, you're going to do the work to turn your 'want' into an 'I WILL'.   


It's so much safer if it's just a dream, rather than an I will statement - RIGHT?

And of course ... what if you fail? Then what?

Maybe it's easier, safer, and less disappointing to just dream rather than do.


Am I making sense here?

But - and it's a big BUT - wait a second. 

  • Doesn't the idea of being a Dreamer AND a Doer sound a heck of a lot better than being just a dreamer?

  • Don't you want to grab those dreams, yank them off the shelf, reprioritize them, maybe toss some out, add in some new ones ...  and learn how to go get them?

I'm telling you, you CAN.

I'm saying to you - tell me what they are.

Tell me what they mean to you.

Tell me the story behind them so that they are REAL to you and me. 

And then ..........................................................

Let's go GET them FOR YOU.


 Yup - it takes some work. Yup - sometimes you'll get scared and you'll have second thoughts. Yup, you're going to feel way outside your comfort zone. Yup, you'll need to figure out how to be coachable. But we're going to be in this together, and we're going to build your confidence like nobody's business.

We're going to take your dreams, work them backwards until we know exactly where to start, and then ...

We're going to build you a map.

A big dang DREAMERS AND DOERS map that shows you EXACTLY how we're going to get you there.

We'll use whatever business you want to start on your own, or franchise you're buying, or direct sales company you're joining, and we'll get to work.


We've got stuff to DO, friend - cuz you've got DREAMS to make happen!   


So, let me ask you this:

If a year from now, that first big goal on your I WILL list has a check mark next to it, how is that going to make you feel? Proud? I hope so. Confident. I really hope so. Empowered? I KNOW so. SO EMPOWERED


Are you ready to talk?

Are you open to sharing your dreams - so that together we can WORK TOGETHER to make them happen?


Instead of closing this page now and finding time later - shoot me an email and let's start by being pen pals.  

You tell me a little bit about you, and I'll give you some ideas on ways I can help you.


Little Ways. Kinda Medium Ways. Big Ways. 

We'll talk first about ideas, and then we'll talk about what working together might look like. 


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