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Remember when you were early in your career path

and you'd say to yourself: 

"Someday when I’m successful I’ll ………."
or “Someday when I retire I’ll ……..”

The funny thing is, back then, we believed it was entirely possible.

We’d dream of what it would be like. What it would feel like. It didn't really

matter how we'd do it, we just ... well ... we just would. And why not?

Totally achievable. 


But here's where it can go sideways. Just when we get to the place that we’d set

our sights on years ago – the goals that prove our success – the world changes. Overnight we’re faced with challenges that rock the way we think about everything. 


In a November 2021 article Sam Allen wrote for Fortune Magazine, he offered this thought: "We start to realize that life is simply too short to do work that risks our sanity, our safety, and in some cases our soul. This moment has led to a desire for more meaningful, more impactful, purpose-driven work—work that might actually change the world. "


Our priorities shift. What we’ve taken for granted may not be sustainable any longer. We’re tired, and we’re rethinking ALL of it.


All of a sudden the SOMEDAY statements start having more meaning. The SOMEDAY statements start tugging at our hearts.


We start asking What If.

·      What if I was able to leave my job and still be financially okay?

·      What if I was able to change the direction of my career?

·      What if I could build a legacy that changes the world in some way?  

Maybe you’ve started dreaming of what your next chapter might be.

What you’ll do and who you’ll do it with.


Would it surprise you to know that many in your network of colleagues, cohorts, friends and family are probably feeling the same way? That they’re rethinking how to redesign a life that has far more meaning? That they know they are meant for more? That they’re looking for a way to pivot, too


What if, just like you, they’re looking for something bigger, bolder, and full of purpose and passion?


What if they’re ready to DO SOMETHING too?

 What if they’d love to do it WITH YOU.

 I’m telling you – this is how magic happens.


This is how conversations begin, seeds are sown, and ideas get exciting. This is where my BIG IDEA, and hopefully your BIG IDEAS, start to fit together. 


This is how you create a ripple effect

that changes everything.







So what’s the first step?

Shoot me an email and let's start by chatting online. 


You can bounce your ideas off me, and I’ll share with you what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and why I wake up every day excited(!!) about what my team and I are doing.   


You can even start with “I don’t really know yet what I want to do, but I know I need to do something that has a whole lot more meaning.”


I’d love to chat with you – even if it’s just to get to know you.

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