What If …

  • Your dreams of a super successful business weren't dreams at all?

  • The exciting ideas that wake you up at night (and are always on your mind) weren’t just ideas anymore?

And what if …

  • Every day you knew in your gut you were doing exactly what you were put here on earth to do?

  • You took that leap of faith and knew … KNEW! … that you’d stick the landing perfectly?

GO AHEAD AND LEAP … because I’ve got you.


I absolutely believe in the depth of my being that we are all meant for more.
YOU are MEANT for more – my friend.

You’ve got skills and smarts and experience that I bet are all quietly waiting ...

WAITING for you and I to uncover and turn into something AMAZING.  

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who want to live 


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"Janet is an endless source of knowledge and encouragement.  As a business consultant she is full

of great ideas, and is always willing to share her knowledge, experience, and mentorship. The best part is that she's lots of fun to work with!"

Shannon Mathisen

Sotheby's International

Bend, Oregon 

 “Working with Janet you get a powerhouse combination of seasoned business professional, scrappy entrepreneur, strategic marketer, and creative communicator. Her thoughtful approach and generous mentorship are true gifts for all who

work with her. 

Kristin Kaufman

CEO, Alignment Inc.

Dallas, Texas  

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